TimberTech Terrain Decking

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TimberTech deck builders

I would like to take a minute and talk about TimberTech Terrain Decking (TimberTech Deck Builders). I was introduced to this product about 3 months ago and it is GREAT. TimberTech was one of those companies that I had used before but never promoted because it seemed like you could get more for your money with other materials. But, the Terrain Series of decking has changed that, in fact, it is now my decking of choice.

Terrain is only offered in 2 colors (Brown Oak and Silver Maple) but both colors are beautiful and just happen to be the most popular choices (I think they knew what they were doing). The product is fully encapsulated and has a deep wood grain feel, which helps with “slipperiness” when it gets wet. It has black veins running the lengths of the boards and the PVC cap is twice as thick as other comparable deck boards. Overall, the products get an A from me and I will continue to promote it until something better comes out or TimberTech gives me a reason not to.

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